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ScaleSeven without tears

 If you have just joined the Group, perhaps to see how the land lies, or are uncertain whether to take the plunge and actually commit your modelling to ScaleSeven standards, we hope this web site will offer a few helpful guidelines.

Much that has been written in the model press, and even sometimes in the S7 Group literature, has not always been encouraging to those with doubts, so this section is designed to offer a few suggestions and approaches which can be considered before you make your decision.

A modeller who takes care will produce good models and, if they feel care is important, then S7 will help them produce models that look and move like the prototype on track that also looks like the real thing.

Skill only develops with practice. The modeller who never made a mistake never made anything—all established modellers have made mistakes and learned from them, and S7 modellers are no exception. Modelling to S7 standards requires no more skills or expertise than working to O finescale, and this is true whether modelling locomotives and rolling stock or building track.

You have been discerning in recognising that S7 may have something to offer you, and we hope that you will take the plunge and experience the satisfaction of working to consistent, prototype-derived standards.

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