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The central resource for the Challenge 33 competition

ScaleSeven Model Layout Competition

Open to all members of the ScaleSeven Group. The closing date for entries—not completed layouts!—is 13 October 2012.

Aims and objectives:

  • Promote ScaleSeven by example.
  • Encourage the construction of small ScaleSeven standard layouts for both local and regional exhibitions.
  • To promote the practical, technical, smooth running and improved aesthetics of ScaleSeven, both by the construction of exhibition standard layouts and as a source of material for articles about ScaleSeven.
  • To demonstrate that an S7 layout is a practical scale for all modelling in 7mm scale.
  • Reduce the cost to exhibition managers by being able to transport the layout in the owner’s car (or that of a team member) without the requirement of hiring a van.
  • To build and exhibit a working model railway layout, constructed to ScaleSeven standards, within a maximum overall foot-print of only 33 square feet.

You can read the full rules of entry here.


There has been a wide variety of entries to the Challenge 33, we'll try to provide updates on the entries as we receive them.

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