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The Challenge 33 + 3 competition

The original Challenge 33 competition resulted in a number of excellent layouts being presented at Mark, in Somerset, in October 2014. However, sadly, a number of entries for the competition had to be withdrawn by the owners for personal reasons just before the meeting date, which meant that the rest of us were unable to see the results of the owner`s hard work.

It would be nice for these layouts to be presented at a date in the future, as one of the intended outcomes of the original competition was to increase the overall number of  ScaleSeven layouts on the exhibition circuit.

To encourage the owners of these layouts to finish their work, and to also encourage any other members who would like to enter the competition, it has been decided to launch the Challenge 33 + 3 competition with an exhibition date of Autumn 2017 at Mark, Somerset.

The rules of the original Challenge 33 competition will apply to this new competition, copies available on request and on this website under the `competition rules` section.

Any members who wish to make a new entry are asked to contact either the group secretary, Rob Thompson, or the events coordinator, Ian Norman. Those who had originally entered the Challenge 33 competition will be contacted directly. The entry form can be downloaded under the `competition entry form` section.




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