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S7 wheels from Peartree Engineering

I have during the past couple of years had cause to purchase several sets of S7 wheels made by Peartree Engineering and I have been impressed with both the quality and value for money. The current range covers a number of variations of both wagon and carriage steel wheels fitted on steel axles, complete with insulation and chemical blackening
.At the January Bristol 'O' Gauge Show I asked proprietor Malcolm Fisher if he planned to produce some S7 diesel wheels and axles, because I currently have a Heljan diesel that I want to convert to S7. I could of course just set the existing wheels up in my lathe and turn them to S7 standards, however, I would like to retain the standard wheel sets just in case I want to re-convert this, or any other converted diesel locomotive in the future, especially when it might provide flexibility for any possible future re-sale.
Malcolm is prepared to turn up a small batch of S7 plain disc diesel locomotive wheel ses at a cost of circa £6 - £7 per wheel set, with axles of 3/16th diameter and wheel profiles to S7 standards, provided that he can get a minimum order run of about 36 axle sets of a given diameter. I would thus ask that if anyone reading this is interested, that they please e mail Malcolm at Turn on Javascript! with an indication of their interest and likely order requirements and also if possible copy e mail me (Turn on Javascript!), so that I can then monitor the likely demand and report back accordingly. If this level of interest can be generated then Malcolm has indicated that he would then commit to production
Tony Phillips

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