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Future model building competitions

 Reference was made at the 2016 AGM to possible subjects for future wagon building competitions - this note is to expand upon the information that was given at that AGM. 

First, though, a change in competition title.  Whilst the first three competitions were run as "wagon" competitions, and the 2017 competition is in the same vein, future subjects might include vehicles which are better described as carriages than as wagons; hence, for 2018 and thereafter, the competition title is changing to "Carriage & Wagon Building competition".

The competition subjects for 2019 to 2021, subject to confirmation by the S7 Committee, are proposed to be:-

2019 - Any vehicle for the transport of live animals... to include horseboxes / cattle wagons / calf vans / sheep wagons / any vehicle constructed for carriage of circus animals.  Any vehicle which would be eligible for the 2017 competition is excluded from the 2019 competition.

2020 - Hopper wagons with or without a cover / roof, such wagons to be discharged by gravity.

2021 - Non Passenger Carrying Coach Stock or Passenger Carrying Coach Stock in departmental service...  to include coaches used for accommodation / research / workshop / instruction, passenger rated vehicles used for transport of components between works and depots.  Any vehicle which would be eligible for the 2017 competition is excluded from the 2021 competition.

Whilst this information is provided in good faith, the subject for any particular competition shall be confirmed at the preceding AGM.  Suggestions for subjects from 2021 onwards or for how the competition is run are welcome, please send your suggestions to either myself or to the S7 Group Secretary.

Graham Beare

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