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The 2017 Wagon Building Competition

To follow on from the announcement at the 2016 AGM, the subject of the 2017 competition is a 4 or 6 wheel NPCCS vehicle in revenue livery and that competition is to be judged at the 2017AGM (to be held at the Warley MRC).
For the 2017 competition an eligible entry shall conform to the following rules:-
* the entry shall be a 7mm scale model of a prototype vehicle, the prototype shall be a Non Passenger Carrying Coaching Stock vehicle (for inclusions / exclusions see below);
* the prototype shall have four or six wheels with no constraint on wheelbase;
* the prototype shall have run on a railway within the British Isles;
* the entry shall be constructed from a 7mm scale kit using one or more of the following materials - resin, metal, plastic, card, wood;
* the entry shall be built to S7 standards;
* the entry shall be accompanied by a description of the prototype and of the kit (to include manufacturer/medium/upgrades) together with notes on construction/modifications.
Prototypes which are eligible for the 2017 competition include:-
* Open carriage truck;
* Closed carriage truck;
* Parcels van;
* Milk truck / van.
* Hearse Van.
* Van for livestock built in the style of carriage or parcel stock, for example:- Hound Van (GWR), Pigeon Van (LNER).
* XP rated vehicles
Prototypes which are not eligible for the 2017 competition include:-
* Horsebox, Prize Cattle Van, cattle wagon
* bogie NPCCS in revenue service (for example;- BR Mk.1 BG or GUV);
* NPCCS in departmental livery.
Please note that entrants shall be members of the S7 Group at the time when a model is submitted as an entry into the competition.
Administration for the 2017 competition shall follow generally the precedents set by previous competitions. Please contact either myself or Rob Thompson if you have any question about the rules, the eligibility of an entry or administration of the competition.
Graham Beare

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