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Stores overview

The ScaleSeven stores contain a variety of items to help the S7 member to achieve the ‘look and feel’ that can be achieved by following the S7 standards.

In general the stores items help the S7 modeler to construct realistic-looking scale trackwork and also supply wheelsets for popular locomotives and other rolling stock to run on that trackwork.

There are a number of driving, bogie and tender wheels available for different pre-grouping companies and BR made to S7 standards and do not need further work to fit them to models

Specifically, wheels are available for:-
S7 wheels for a Castle, including Drivers, bogie and tender wheels GWR - Panniers, Castles, Stars and Saints plus bogie and tender wheels

Midland/LMS - Jinty, 3F, 4F and 8F plus bogie and tender wheels

LNER - J71 – J73

BR - Standard 2-6-4T plus bogie and carrying wheels

There are others besides, and more are in development, including the first of a range of diesel wheels.

Other items available in stores are everything that the track builder could require (except for rail and chairs), for example:-

Jinty (3F) chassis with S7 wheels and crankpin nuts

Foam underlay
Sleepers and timbering
Crossing filing jigs
Crossing assembly jigs
Pre-assembled crossing vees
Track gauges
Rail bending jigs and ‘joggle’ jigs

Should you model to Broad Gauge or Irish gauge standards then track gauges are also available for these from the S7 Stores.

And beyond this the S7 stores can supply crankpins and crankpin nuts, frame spacer material, various axles for wagons and locos, hornblocks, etc.

Please note that all S7 stores items are only available to S7 members, outside of the stores a range of carriage and wagon wheels made to S7 dimensions can be obtained directly from Slater’s in Darley Dale

Castle wheels photograph © D. Randall

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