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Links to Youtube videos

This page contains links to a variety of YouTube videos that refer to S7. Note that the videos will open a new tab in your browser.

S7 does work! —  A video showing L1 67701 pulling coaches (backwards!) in full 1080p.

S7 K2 loco on Croscombe —  Showing an unpainted K2 running around Croscombe Magna.

ScaleSeven Model Railways —  A short video showing low level views and some running.

Gupworthy Junction in S7 —  Overview of a very large S7 layout in progress.

S7 25th anniversary running —  Views of some of the layouts and rolling stock from the day.

Brightwell meeting 2012 —  Layouts, rolling stock and exquisite scenery in B&W. Moody.

Running day —  Various running on Peter Mann’s layout.

NER Bo-Bo —  Peter Mann’s NER bo-Bo in S7.

Class 47 in S7 —  Heljan Class 47 across the pointwork in S7.

Two at once! (1) —  Twin S7 LNER J86s.

Two at once! (2) —  Twin J68s again.

Battery locos in S7 (1) —  Dead rail DCC.

Battery locos in S7 (2) —  More dead rail DCC running.

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