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Modelling and Historical Links

Dutch ScaleSeven Group : An active and vibrant group of modellers in the Netherlands. 

Historical Model Railway Society : The HMRS is an organisation which collects and collates information on all aspects of railway history, with special consideration to information for modellers.

Chiltern Model Railway Association : The CMRA was founded in 1965 to facilitate the avoidance of clashes of exhibition dates, provide a means of communication between the clubs and encourage mutual support. Its aims are best summarised as “to encourage and promote the model railway hobby”. The ScaleSeven Group has recently joined the CMRA.

The Model Railway Club : Established in 1910, the MRC is seen by many as the model railway club.

Gauge 0 Guild : The Gauge 0 Guild was formed in 1956 to provide support for modellers who work in the scale of 7mm to 1ft.

The Association of Larger Scale Railway Modellers : The ALSRM is open to anyone interested in model railways in the larger scales S, O, 1, G and upwards.

Broad Gauge Society : The Broad Gauge Society, founded in 1980 to promote research into, and the modelling of, the 7ft 0-1/4in Broad Gauge Railways of Great Britain.

Western Thunder : An active forum with strong support from many Scale7 modellers

7mm Discussion Group : An active discussion group for 7mm modellers of all flavours.

S Scale Society : For those who find 4mm too small and 7mm too big, S Scale (1:64) offers an alternative.

ScaleFour Society : The ScaleFour Society combines the S4 and Proto4 groups under one banner.

EM Gauge Society : EM was the first serious attempt at finescale 4mm scale modelling and still has a large following.

proto87 : The main interest group for P87 modellers working in the finescale version of HO. You’ll need to be fluent in French to use this site to its best advantage!

3mm Society : The 3mm Society supports modellers who work to the finescale version of the original TT or Table-Top scale.

2mm Scale Association : Offering support to modellers who work to the 2mm scale equivalent of the ScaleFour standards. The gauge adopted is 9.42mm.

The UK Model Shop Directory : The largest online resource for British model railway enthusiasts.

Missenden Railway Modellers’ Weekends : These well-established practical weekends are aimed at those modellers with some basic skills, who want expert advice and time for uninterrupted modelling.

Erik Olson : Erik works to a scale of 1:45, building Danish State Railways prototypes. Over the years he has developed some very interesting modelling techniques, including the use of working leaf springing.

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