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The 2015 wagon building competition

NOTICE.  The 2015 Wagon Building competition is now closed. Please visit the Results page for the latest information.

The S7 Group is to hold a modelling competition in 2015 following the success of a similar competition that was judged at the Mark meeting last October. As in 2014 the objective of the competition is to build a wagon which complies with S7 standards and using a kit as the basis of the entry. The competition for this year is to be judged at the S7 Group AGM to be held at the Warley MRC on 20th June 2015. The competition is open to any person who is a paid-up member of the S7 Group when judging of the competition takes place.

The objective of the competition is to build a 7mm scale model of an open wagon which was built by:-

•   a railway company or ...

•  a manufacturer which supplied rolling stock to a railway company.

where  ‘railway company’ means any organisation which operated or operates a public railway service within the United Kingdom. So wagons from the pre-grouping companies, from the ‘Big Four’, from British Railways/British Rail, railways within the Colonel Stephens world, companies operating in the post-privatisation era. Eligibility extends beyond wagons with wheelsets for the ‘standard gauge’ of the UK hence open wagons from narrow gauge companies are eligible, for example: the coal wagons of the Welshpool & Llanfair. Any model entered into the competition shall have been built from a kit, the kit used for that model shall be stated on a label to be displayed with the model.  Each entrant shall be built to S7 standards and be capable of running on tracks to the appropriate gauge. Alterations and/or additions to a kit are acceptable provided that the finished model can be recognised as being built from a kit.

A model is entered into the competition on the day of the AGM along with a label which details the kit used for the model and any alterations/additions made to that kit. A person can enter any number of models provided that each model is considered to be a separate and independent entry for the competition and is accompanied by an appropriate label. A model which was built before the announcement of the current competition is eligible provided that:-

•   the model has not been entered into any previous competition;

•   the model has not been illustrated in any publication, magazine or internet web-page.

A model can be entered into the competition by a person who has been nominated by the owner of the model—that person shall be responsible for the model at all times and is responsible for the model at the end of the competition. The S7 Group, the S7 Committee and any person involved with organisation of the AGM shall not be responsible for returning a model to the owner of a model.

The competition is to be judged at the AGM by a well-known personality with a connection to the world of railway modelling. The winner of the competition shall be decided solely by the judge and shall receive an award.

In order that notice of the competition can be included at this early stage there are some aspects of the competition which are yet to be determined, these are:

•   the size and format of the label to accompany an entrant;

•   the judge of the competition;

•   the form of the award to be presented to the winner of the competition.

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