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The 2019 Wagon Building Competition


In Newsletter 114 I summarised the change in subject matter for the competition this year...  the scope of "wagon" was broadened to include "any non-passenger coach or wagon which has been designed for the carriage of livestock" - this change was agreed by those who attended the 2018 AGM.  The enlarged scope for the competition encourages entries for models of prototypes which were used to convey horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, hounds, pidgeons - in short any animal which is alive throughout the journey.  After questions were raised through on-line model railway forums I have expressed the view, see NL114, that the BR "Pacers" are not eligible even though several members of S7G wrote, strongly, that travelling by Pacer was akin to be treated like cattle.


As in 2018 there are two classes for entry and two awards.  The Chairman's Cup is presented to the winner of the class for "kit-built or modified RTR" entries where modified RTR requires more than just a re-paint from the livery as purchased.  The President's Plate is presented to the winner of the class for "scratchbuilt" models where bought-in items are permitted for parts such as castings and turnings (hence permitting the use of commercial parts such as wheels, buffers, couplings and brake gear).



If you are not sure about the eligibility of your model then please contact either Rob Thompson or myself (see "S7 Committee Details for contact information").



In previous years our annual competition has been judged by an invited and well-known member of the 7mm modelling fraternity - for this year the committee has agreed that the two classes shall be judged by those members who attend the AGM meeting.  Each member of the Scaleseven Group who attends the meeting at the Warley MRC shall be given a voting slip on which to record his / her preferred choice for the Chairman's Cup and for the President's Plate - the winner of each class shall be the model with the greatest number of votes for that class.  In order that votes can be counted and verified the voting shall commence at 11.00 and finish at 12.00 with the result announced immediately before the start of the AGM.


Graham Beare

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